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Musician Requirements
The one thing that you must understand, we give the recording companies exactly what they need to be able to pitch your music to them.  In order to do that, we require a few things from you and will explain all of that once all of the paperwork is out of the way.

We will coach and teach you everything you desire to know about what the music industry "execs" expect of you and we will never let anyone take advantage of your compositions.

We at ZoKay, know that many have had bad experiences in the music world and we want to make this journey as informative as we can, so you will become the musicians you are meant to be.

Know that with every step you take, with ZoKayMusic Publishing, we will be there to lend support, in every way.

In every way, there is nothing we cannot accomplish for you and your music...

TBD Promotion Department
In the process that you choose us to represent you, we will begin the promotion process. through our TBD Promotions department.  This is where you will be conversing with someone that wants you to succeed in your goals and dreams.This department will help you get where you are meant to be.

We promise that we will try to assist you every weekend.  Our outreach is astronomical, as far as Toledo, Ohio, (North), Dallas, Tx, (South), California, (West) and all over the Eastern board.

 You will have unlimited airplay time, on radio stations around the country, nationally and also on internet through iHeart Radio.

If travel is what you have in mind, a tour is what we will schedule.  If you just want a weekend gig, we will do everything possible to attend. Whether you want to stay around home or go onto the road, we are here to work for YOU...

When you are ready to shift your career into high gear, your music will be pitched to executives in Nashville, Ohio, Texas, and California.

There is no genre we discriminate against, we love all music.

Make an appointment with us. We will set up a meet and greet with the owners and get started.

We look forward to advancing your musical career.

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