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I have been promoting bands, in my area of Kentucky, for six years.

The degree I have in Paralegal Science and have over thirty years in
bookkeeping and accounting. These skills are much needed for a successful publishing/promoting business.

With the certification I have in music publishing and the affiliation of BMI, I feel we are an accomplished and stable company you can count on.

i am a Christian, first and foremost, also a mother, wife and a huge advocate for Pit Bulls.  I have several of them, along with many other breeds of furbabies.  There is fourteen in all.

Music has been a huge part of my life since I was a child.  it is always what I consume myself with and in all
aspects.  It is the soother to my soul.

Having this job is a dream come true and brings me full circle.  I wil forever cleave to all music.
We are a small publishing and promoting company, that is located in the foothills in the Appalachian mountains, in Southern Kentucky.

The owners, have been lyricists, for the majority of their lives.  We know how hard it is to receive a break in this industry and your musical talent is very important to us.

Our staff is very well equipped with the knowledge to take talented musicians to the highest level possible.

We communicate with recording companies, radio stations, recording studios, other promoters, venues, etc., to assure your profile, music, and appearance, is what this industry is looking for.

We take our positions very serious and would love to show you what we can do for your career:

  • Promoting 
  • Radio spins and live radio talk show
  • Scheduling and touring gigs
  • Local and out-of-state venues
  • Advertising where and when our bands are playing, be it radio or literature
  • To make sure that every aspect of your playing and traveling experience is as comfortable as can be

We also know what family means.  Here at ZoKay Music Publishing, will help you in any way possible and know that family comes first.

Come and be a part of our family...

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